Indonesia is the country with the largest energy consumption in ASEAN as well as the best potential source for geothermal and hydro resources for energy generation. Due to the growth of the economy and thus energy consumption, it is imperative for Indonesia to focus on renewable energy generation and new technologies for efficiency and building a clean energy economy.

Technology for renewable energy generation and low carbon emissions, efficient distribution and transmission as well as optimal consumption is important to the future development of the energy sector. Technology and the price of renewable energy is no longer the obstacle for the growth of clean energy. Enabling business models, software, capital, and innovative services would catalyze the transition to a clean energy economy.

Digitaraya Powered by Google Developers Launchpad collaborates with New Energy Nexus SEA, an initiative to support smart energy startup in Southeast Asia created by CalCEF and GIZ in 2017, with a purpose of supporting young entrepreneurs to work in the energy sector. Nexus SEA’s mission is to accelerate the smart energy startup ecosystem in Southeast Asia by supporting the creation of hundreds of new energy startups that transform the energy system in Southeast Asia.

Program Description

NYALA Energy Acceleration 2019 is a program which works with energy teams to further their engagement with investors and players within the energy ecosystem. These activities are planned to be held from January – March 2019. They include sector specific mentoring, targeted networking sessions, pitch coaching as well as showcasing and connecting the selected energy startups to key players in the ecosystem including investors and media.


  • Help emerging energy startups grow and connect to the industry’s ecosystem
  • Refine their pitch and connect startups to potential corporate clients & investors
  • To motivate and inspire the selected startups to achieve their next level of success
JAN. 22, 2019 – JAN. 23, 2019 ∗

Pitching Boot Camp

2-day intense activity that combines 1:1 and group coaching to help startups improve their pitches.

JAN. 22, 2019 – JAN. 23, 2019 ∗
FEB. 26, 2019 – FEB. 28, 2019 ∗


3-day event to convene approximately 10 startups for focused development and intense networking with local & global mentors

FEB. 26, 2019 – FEB. 28, 2019 ∗
MARCH 27, 2019 ∗

The Pitch

1-day event to convene 10 startups for focused development and intense networking with local & global mentors

MARCH 27, 2019 ∗
MARCH 27, 2019 ∗


1 showcase event for 6-8 venture teams to host a booth for discussion with potential investors & partners

MARCH 27, 2019 ∗

∗ dates are tentative and subject to change

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