Indonesia is one of the countries that made it into the top 10 countries with the largest number of startups in the world. Indonesia is ranked fifth with 2,079 startups as of March 2019.

Among the many startups that have sprung up, TEMPO - an Indonesian media company that continues to be dedicated to make a better change by providing transparency in storytelling - believes that any startup or company is not merely built to make a profit, but to solve problems in various sectors in Indonesia. The big impact on the environment, the society, and the country is the initial foundation of a healthy startup.

Therefore, TEMPO in collaboration with Digitaraya and supported by Gojek will give awards, and highlights to Indonesian startups who are contributing to the development of the startup ecosystem in Indonesia, which will be assessed based on 3 categories: Best Social Impact Startup, Best Newcomer and People's Choice.

Categories and Criteria

Best Social Impact 
  • This award is given to startups which have succeeded in creating a significantly important social impact.
  • The criteria that we are looking for are:
    • Focusing on providing social impact, both for profit and non-profit goals (on society, social economy, culture, and environment)
    • Solving social issues in Indonesia through innovation approach
    • Show measurable social impact in the industry or a focused sector
Best Newcomer 
  • This is an award for startups that exist for less than 2 years, but have had sustainable development and growth.
  • The criteria that we are looking for are: 
    • Startups that are less than 2 years old after the product launch, and have shown growth (users, revenue, etc.)
    • Have a good understanding of the industry they run (eg, trends, competition, etc.) and that are unique
    • Have a long-term plan to grow as a company (eg through collaboration and diversification)
    • Have at least 2 permanent team members who are committed and have experience in the industry they run
People’s Choice
  • Startups who get this award are startups who get the most votes from the audience.


  • 30 Sep - 10 Oct

    Screening Process
  • 14 Oct

    Top 10 Announcement & Voting for People’s Choice
  • 17 Oct

    Top 10 Interview
  • 3 Nov

    Awarding Night


Budi Setyarso
Burhan Sholihin

Executive Director

Nicole Yap
Nicole Yap

Managing Director

Randy Jusuf
Veronica Sari Utami*

Head of Marketing
Google Indonesia

Kevin Aluwi
Gojek Representative*
Philia Wibowo
Semuel Abrijani Pangerapan, B. Sc.

Director General of Informatics and Applications, Ministry of ICT

Philia Wibowo
Philia Wibowo

Managing Partner
McKinsey & Company Indonesia

Riaz Hyder
Riaz Hyder

Executive Director
UBS Indonesia

* to be confirmed

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